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Ina year old woman from Visuwamadu Kilinochchi District was gang raped by 4 military personnel. Having chased the brother out of the house, the military kllinochchi dragged her to the bushes nearby and raped the year old. They had then left her there and returned to their base. As it had been a rainy day, their footprints leading back to the haviny were visible in the mud. The Visuwamadu Police arrested the 4 men following an identification parade. After being held in remand for 6 months, they were eventually released on conditional bail. The case has now been committed to the High Iilinochchi and an indictment has been served. Most recently, the decomposed and mutilated body of a 47 year old woman, displaced from Nelukkulam Vavuniya District was found at the temple chariot park site of the Naachchimaar Kovil, in the Jaffna town on 17th October, Medical sources in Jaffna have confirmed that she had been gang-raped, had acid thrown on her and killed.

She had been reported missing since the 3rd of October this year. The report detailed systematic sexual violence against detainees of both genders, blocking of investigations into the cases, absence of prosecutions of the perpetrators and the lack of services to the survivors of such violence. However, he quoted the Government of Sri Lanka as stating that between January and May only 11 incidents of sexual violence were attributed to military personnel and that legal action had been taken against all of them. Military Spokesman Brig. He noted that during the period of the conflict January May seven security forces personnel were involved in cases of sexual violence. During the post- conflict period May to May ten soldiers were involved in incidents of sexual violence, he added.

However, his note made no mention of the specific incidents the soldiers were involved in, or of the status of legal or internal disciplinary proceedings against them.

In kilinochchi woman having sex Married

Sexual harassment of Female- Headed Households The case from Mullaitivu, reported below, is clearly indicative of the vulnerability and insecurity faced by women in the Vanni, and exposes the dire predicament of their circumstances. In mid-September, a year-old girl who was walking home from school was blocked by a drunken man who tried to touch her breasts, at which point she had hit him with her slipper and screamed, bringing a village boy to the scene, chasing away the drunken predator. She had then complained to her school Principal who had in turn complained to the Police on her behalf. The Police then sent over a CID officer to inquire into the matter, only to realize that the drunken man and the CID officer were the same.

She had been scared to tell anyone this, as she has to take the same route to school each day Another distressing trend is the rise of late night phone calls and text messages to war widows, female former combatants and wives of disappeared men and frequent visits to their houses by security personnel. These women complained that frequent late night phone calls, usually emanating from the local Police station, add to the climate of fear and insecurity.

The anonymous phone calls, sexually explicit in content, would wex start after Army personnel and intelligence officials registered family un contact details of recently returned IDPs in their locality. The callers would speak wpman broken Tamil and proposition the hhaving. One woman, a mother of three, whose husband had disappeared in Mannar inalso spoke of the harassment meted out by her the Officer in Charge OIC of her kilinlchchi police station who would regularly ride past her house, call her out and attempt to engage her in conversation about her marital status and relationships, which she deemed highly offensive and inappropriate. They said that these settlements were particularly prone to theft, crime and prostitution.

Such communities are particularly vulnerable as there are only a few able-bodied men living in the community to help keep it secure. In Kilinochchi, we learnt that several young women had been coerced to marry Army personnel from camps in their locality only to leave home and return a year or so later. While activists pointed out that there was very little that could be done to prevent such marriages, they noted that all women who had married Army soldiers were in their late teens. On two such occasions the soldiers were already married. Alcoholism is yet another significant problem in the Vanni as many taverns have cropped up due to the high military presence in the region.

One was a safe of mine. Formally, the euro men in the scope have more flexibility to humanitarian, and as a theory the key has become less risky for parameters and children.

Therefore, the local men in the area have more access to alcohol, and as a result the community has become less secure for women and children. Further, women in the area told us how the military would often give children passing by money to purchase alcohol for them. They fear that if their children are exposed to vices such as alcohol at a young age, they would eventually start consuming it too at a young age, which would lead to the further deterioration of the social fabric of the community. The ICG report [14] too highlighted that the growing consumption of alcohol significantly contributed to the rise of sexual violence and harassment in the region.

The fact that it was in the open made the relationship real and so, to me, feel leaden with responsibility. Another affair was with the wife of a friend. This is the relationship that I feel saddest about, because I hurt somebody who was important to me. When I could not find a married woman to sleep with I tried to create drama for myself by going out with women who had boyfriends or with whom I worked. The discretion these situations required felt very much like an affair. Sometimes when none of these conditions prevailed, I would tell the woman I was seeing not to let anyone know we were dating. I would tell her I preferred people not knowing my business, while in reality I just liked secrets.

I am not sure when I decided that the loneliness of going out with married women, the sense of being invisible that I experienced when I met their husbands and the sense of not being able to plan my schedule because I was always waiting for small windows of availability all became too much.

I do know that by the time I was in my mid-twenties I could not bear it. A part of me found the gradualness of all of this irritating, like sipping wine when you are used to a swig of hard liquor. A part of me also found that these ordinary relationships made me more vulnerable.

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