Google play leaderboard not updating

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Updating leaderboard Google play not

This report from logcat found before attempting GGoogle open the leaderboard. For example, to publish a game in multiple languages, the game services Publishing API will enable the ability to pull translation data from spreadsheets, CSVs, or a Content Management System CMS and automatically apply those translations to achievements. I made a reading wrong. I only created only two leaderboards highscore and no.

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Final attempt, and I assumed that leaderboard UI won't show up until I publish the Game Services I've created it was set for testing mode before and see if the leaderboard UI is working or not. Auth not finished. There are also updated and improved Unity sample codes to make it easier for first time developers to integrate Google Play games services. U nityEngine.

Leaderboard Tamper Protection The Leaderboard Tamper Protection provides developers with the ability to automatically hide suspected tampered scores from leaderboards. E xception launching token request: I even update some plugins for Android etc. Tamper protection will be on by default for new leaderboards.

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