Filehandleforupdatingatpath returns nil

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Returns nil Filehandleforupdatingatpath

Using a text editor, create a file named quickfox. Each method takes a single argument in the form of the path to the file to be checked and returns a boolean YES or NO result. Writing Data to a File The writeData method writes the data contained in an NSData object to the file starting at the location of the offset. The quick black dog jumped over the lazy dog Truncating a File A file may be truncated at the specified offset using the truncateFileAtOffset method. For example, the following code excerpt checks to find out if a file is writable: For example, the following code reads 5 bytes of data from offset 10 in a file.

Reading Data from a File Once a file has been opened and assigned a file handle, the contents of that file may be read from the current offset position. The method takes as an argument an NSString object containing the path to file and returns a boolean YES or NO value indicating the presence or otherwise of that file: Success of the operation is indicated by the returned boolean value: This method returns a boolean YES or NO result and takes as arguments the pathname for the file to be moved, the destination path and an optional NSError object into which information describing any errors encountered during the operation will be placed.

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This, however, gives us no control over how much data is to be read or written and does not allow us to append data to the end of an existing file. This means that any read or write operations we perform using the NSFileHandle methods will take place at offset 0 in the file. Having opened a file, it must subsequently be closed when we have finished working with it using the closeFile method. To perform operations at different locations in a file for example to append data to the end of the file it is first necessary to seek to the required offset. When a file is first opened the offset is set to 0 the beginning of the file. This method takes as arguments the paths to the two files to be compared and returns a boolean YES or NO to indicate whether the file contents match: The method takes as arguments the pathname of the file to be removed and an optional NSError object.

In addition to Filehandleforupdatijgatpath, this class can also be used for working with devices and network sockets. Finally, the current offset may be identified using the offsetInFile method. Firstly, the contents of a file may be read and stored in an NSData object through the use of the contentsAtPath method:

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