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Select the field to create the reports on Then press OK. A worksheet will be created for each item in the list with a pivot table that is filtered for that item. The worksheet will also be renamed to match the item name. With just a few clicks we have a report for each item in the list. This can be a huge time saver! If we wanted to change the layout or formatting of all the reports, it would be best to delete all the filter pages new worksheets and generate the reports again. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to do.

Filter pages show report disabled dating Excel

Existing Filters are Applied Dting Creating Filter Pages Datint filters disaboed are applied to other fields in the pivot table will be applied to all of the new pivot Excell. We can also use this to our advantage if we do want to apply filters to all of the fi,ter. Either way, it's just good to know how this works. If you generate reports and some of them are blank, it might be due to a filter that is applied somewhere. It is NOT creating a copy of the existing sheet. It is creating a new sheet and creating the pivot table on a new blank sheet.

If you have any other formulas, slicers, or charts on the original pivot table sheet, those objects will NOT be copied to the new sheets. We would need to use a macro to do that type of replication. Navigate Sheets with The Tab Hound Add-in At the end of the video I showed how we can use the Tab Hound Add-in to quickly search for any sheet in the workbook, and navigate right to it. I developed the Tab Hound Add-in specifically for this task of navigating large workbooks that contain a lot of sheets. Tab Hound eliminates the horizontal scrolling we typically do to find a sheet in a large workbook. Instead, you can simply type a search for a sheet name in the Tab Hound window, and jump right to it.

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