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Interpreting for Chemical Dependency and Pain Management Patients

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The purpose of this six-hour workshop is to introduce healthcare interpreters to medical terminology specifically related to pain management and chemical interpreyer. We will discuss the complexity of these medical specialties and the challenges interpreters face in these appointments. Participants will receive terminology, glossaries, and samples of sentences pertaining to these two areas of care. Participants will have the opportunity to practice three modes of interpretation: Who is teaching? Coming to us from San Francisco! Judit Marin is a freelance Spanish interpreter, translator, and trainer.

She holds a M. Santa Barbara and datlng B. Contact her at marinjudit yahoo. Saturday, April 7, Check-in at 8: Class from 9: Via the web before midnight on Tuesday, April 3 After registering, you will receive an email confirmation; if you do not receive a confirmation, your registration did not go through. Mail in registration is not available.

Online registration only. Please note that participation in this workshop will be limited to the first 50 candidates to register. Where do I find translation and interpreting courses? The ATA also has a list of courses in translation and interpreting: What background and qualifications do I need to become a commercial translator? There are no government-mandated requirements, only market requirements. Ideally, a freelance translator needs the following: Excellent language knowledge: Am I an excellent writer in my target language i. Do I really understand the finer nuances of the source language? Am I willing to take writing courses in the target language, and advanced courses in the source language?

Would I accept a mentor or tutor for some time? In what subject areas will I be a competent translator? Do I have a trusted colleague, friend, or family member who would proofread my translations and suggest changes? See the article by M. Eta Trabing of the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters for more ideas on the skills you need in addition to being bilingual, at www.

Scheduling the wait age if you wish. Oersted her at marinjudit twenty.

Return to top. Is there work out there? However, some translators are much busier than others. Some Trahslator so busy they start subcontracting and become agencies. At the other end of the scale, many translator hopefuls never find any work at all. The work available varies according to language combination and field of specialization. How do I find work? Make a market plan, as with any new business. Many translators get started by registering with agencies. You can google translation agencies.

Interpreter dating yahoo vs Translator

Agencies vary in quality and jahoo, from the very good to the very bad. See Riccardo Schiaffino's website for ways to do a background check on agencies. Other translators get most of their work through referrals and networking. Here are some well-known websites where you may be able to find work: Should I translate only into my native language, or is it OK to translate into my second language as well? As a rule, professional translators translate only into their native language. Few individuals are truly balanced bilinguals, i. A balanced bilingual would be able to write correspondence and term papers in either language with complete ease. Fluency in the target language for shopping, easy conversation, or everyday activities is not enough for translation.

How do I register myself as a business?

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