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Please I will. She quit over towards me and inevitable the gag once again.

The party favors were working almost too well. My cage reminded me that I was totally controlled. Before long the door opened and the beautiful women entered. She didn't say a word but grabbed my leash and led me towards the door. Before opening the door to walk out she stopped and said "oops, we need to fix your makeup. She quickly touched me up and grabbed a gag off the table and said open wide" the door opened and I was looking to see my wife but out of the hundreds of people I couldn't find her anywhere. I was lead through the crowd and the woman said "Keep looking sexy Lucy, you will thank me later!

Some slapping my ass while others just pointing and staring. Eventually I was led out to the grotto by the pool and to a chair all by itself off to the side. I sat patiently while I waited and to my surprise all of the other sissies were just out in the crowd freely. I was the only one sitting in a chair waiting. I continued to search the scenery for my wife but nothing. No idea where she went or what she could be doing. Just then a man with a microphone walked over to me and said over the loud speaker "Who is ready for the sissy slut charity auction! What did that mean? I had no idea what to expect. The MC continued with the rules of the auction. I was so amazed that slutty little me would be worth that much but felt so good that it was for charity.

The bidding went on for what felt like an hour or more. The MC asked them one question "So what do you have in store for the little sissy slut here? As Mistress Beth leaned into sissy to share a secret, "I see you looking for your wife but she isn't out here. You will see where she is soon enough. I promise you she is having an amazing time right now! When the car arrived on the property and I was led off to the side entrance, I was imagining that my wife could be doing just about anything during the unknown length of time I was getting ready for the auction. I was trying to piece the time back together but with the molly and the whole scene I was struggling to even remember how long I have been here.

My imagination ran absolutely wild at that moment, completely sissified, auctioned off in front of hundreds of people, gagged, plugged, caged, and I thought right then that anything could be possible. I was sold as property to someone for the weekend? Ok, not what anyone would ever imagine right? I was starting to comprehend what just happened. I was right behind As dress husband i sissy slut and was trying to look at people as we passed but all I saw were blurs. Beth was following Kent who was wearing a solid black shirt unbuttoned and what appeared to be swim trunks. Kent mingled through the crowd, showed off his wife Beth and they laughed and pointed past his wife as he talked about me.

I was doing my best to keep up and stand on the heels. As we were going through the crowd Kent and Beth both stopped and sat at a table with friends. Kent sat with Beth on As dress husband i sissy slut right next to her was a beautiful blonde voluptuous woman wearing an amazing body stocking with thigh high boots sitting with her husband who looked like a wealthy business man. Their guests were As dress husband i sissy slut thanking them for the beautiful party as Beth leaned over to Kent and whispered something into his ear, Kent nodded yes and smiled.

My mind went crazy again! What could they have plotted? I assumed I would be handed over to the business man at the table before long but why not yet. Almost as they were reading my mind I felt a tug on my collar, Mistress Beth pulled me over to her and removed the ball gag from my mouth. She smiled as if she was playing with her new Barbie that she just opened on Christmas. Now get to work! Maybe all my practice on rubber cocks that never cum will help me on the real thing. I dropped to my knees at the table and the gentleman opened his pants and pulled out a massive cock.

Fortunately for me it just reminded me of our double ended dildoe, and I decided to get it in my mouth fast before I could figure out what I was thinking. It was not that big of a deal to everyone as it was to me. I noticed as I stared up at the owner of the cock I serviced that he was leaning his head back and I could feel his monster cock growing in my mouth. I started bobbing my head and moaning. MMMMM, slurrrrrp. I started pushing the tip deeper in my mouth getting to my throat and gagging myself. Just then I felt his hips start to push, his hand quickly went to the back of my head and pushed it back down on his cock chocking me again.

I loved it, his cock was a little softer than the dildoes were and it was still growing. I kept concentrating on keeping my makeup looking good, I was trying to slurp up the drool from my lips when he slammed my head down on his cock and thrust three quick pushes and came deep in my throat. It gagged me but I kept it together while the cum was deposited into my slut throat just like I wanted. It was salty and warm but a little sour at the same time. I sucked and slurped the last bits that he shot out and he jerked as I sucked him deep a few more times and held it. You are one talented little slut! I am going to have to get my sample after watching how fast this slut got off James.

I want to know just how good she really is. I moved in quickly and stayed standing and just squatted down. The plug had to be showing, I could feel it more when I squatted and I almost had to concentrate to keep it in. I swallowed his cock deep and stayed deep while I could feel my throat starting to choke a bit. I pushed his cock a little deeper before I started to bob the length of his tool. I could tell he was growing quickly so I wanted to get him going and I went deep and gagged and choked over and over with each length of the shaft. My name is Phil and I've always been different, since my earliest recollections I've enjoyed crossdressing and as I matured enjoyed the sexual side of crossdressing thinking about life as a sissy maid and a sissy slut.

Wild fantasies to fill my crossdressing needs. Now on my second marriage I've had to temper my ever long developing side as a crossdresser. It has been hard at times keeping this girlie, sissy crossdressing side a secret from my wife and others. Though it did not cause the ending of my first marriage, it did not help it though. Being married to my first wife who is name Jill for twelve years and resulting in one child, a daughter, named Sara who is now twenty years old, my divorce to my first wife was acrimonious and my time with my daughter post our break up has been more or less estranged as she and my ex-wife now live in another city about 1, miles away.

My current marriage has been exciting and interesting. My current wife named Helen was a rebound wife. We have been married for about eight years. She is a widow and has two children now grown up. A son named Gage who is twenty two years old and in university about 2 hours away living on campus and a daughter named Linda who is twenty years old and lives with female roommates while they all go to cosmetics school. She lives not too far away but is an active twenty something. Helen is two years older than me, age forty six and as such I am age forty four. Helen is a Legal secretary and is a bigger bread earner than me. I am a supervisor for an industrial sales company.

It's ok to me to have a wife who does earn more than me, again my sissy side kind off gets off on this. Our marriage has been up and down being both our second marriage. Helen's first husband passed away in a car crash about nine years ago. I knew him from sales of industrial supplies to the corporation he worked for. With her then widowed with two children and me on the rebound from my marriage we drew towards each other. I did my best as a man in her life and with my step children. Our incomes combined are middle class healthy. I fell in love with Helen as she was a rather strong and exciting woman, tall at 5'9" and nicely weighted at lbs. She has a nice body, and lovely auburn hair shoulder length.

Being a professional work woman she dresses impeccably for work and my girlie, crossdressing side loves her professional work attire. She knows how too look like a woman and loves femininity with power and also enjoys heels as a strength thing. I love it as a man and as a crossdresser. Helen loves me but I never felt it was quite as deep as my love for her, but we have had it pretty good as we stabilize each other. Her kids grew up well adjusted. I think a part of me enjoys my love and marriage to Helen as away to compensate for my secret crossdressing side. It makes me feel like a man as such. Now that both of her children are grown up, the two of us have more time for each other and ourselves.

My hidden crossdressing side was very deep in secret as the kids lived with us. I have had to be very discrete and mostly brought a wardrobe with me on business trips. Dress up in these clothes in my motel room. I never did much but a couple of times I'd get in my car and drive around dressed, thinking I'm a strange town. I'd get scared about getting pulled over by a cop or so or my car breaking downs with me dressed enfemme again usually as a sissy maid or sissy slut. It was always a turn on for me. It was tough to hide this side to me. A number of times when dressing at home if Helen was out with girl friends or late at work, I'd get off dressing up in the the ways I enjoy crossdressing, with a sissy maid in one of my maids dresses or as a tarty, sissy slut.

Helen almost caught me a few times. More than once I'd scramble in my wig, dress, hose and my high heels clicking away on my feet as I ran to the bathroom, locked the door and stripped off these femme clothes to then hop into the shower as Helen would enter the house. It was scary but also so much fun too as it felt so taboo. I'd often quickly jerk off in the shower from the excitement of nearly getting caught. For me the guilt of never quite measuring up as a real man though bothered and bothers me and has affected our marriage, but Helen and I have been rather comfortable even things are not always so perfect.

Sissy i dress As slut husband

Helen has expensive tastes and we both allow each other pleasures and hhsband that excite us. Helen a nice wardrobe, a nicely furnished house and a husbajd long favourite car of hers a Volkswagen Tiguan. All alut dude type things helps me stay a man so to speak, but as years pass by and now the step children grown up, my daughter grown up and living over 1, miles away, I find my crossdressing side to grow more intense. Thankfully Helen has never felt a need to look through these boxes. Anyways my crossdressing urges seem to grow strong now as I move closer to true middle age. I fantasize dressed up as a maid or a slut and in such my sexual side wants to be taken by men.

I was not husbqnd to my trades with my ass in the air. Augusta is a Unique layout and is a wider screen earner than me.

I enjoy dressing up and playing either safely at home or when I am on the road in my motel room. I have never been with a k though but I dress up and fantasize including jerking off to such fantasies. I feel like shit afterwards and feel I am less of man to Helen even though she has no clue that I know of. But I deal with it all. With the internet I do look at lot of crossdressing and sissy porn stuff while dressed up and it can really drive my sissy Aa slutty side wild. So my life with my second wife Helen moves along and drwss have our ups an downs but more or less given we are forty somethings and married near eight eress it's more or less ok, stable, generally loving again more my love for her being deeper or more connected than Helen's of me and we make decent money with a few good family friends.

Today though things begin to change My wife and I usually come home from our jobs in an around there same time, usually I beat her home a bit as my traffic is less of an issue. The last few days though the wife has been able to stay at home and do some work there rather than driving to her office. Her legal secretary job offers her that benefit a few days per month. Helen enjoys it as she can kind of balance her career work with some home body things. I pull in the driveway about 4: We have about ten neighbor houses on our street and in back a hill that drops down to a stream and has a city park after it.

We get some nice privacy. As I enter the house I hear Helen. She asks, "Phil, are you home? She replies, "Can you come here? I enter the living room and Helen is standing in behind the love seat, dressed in a white button down blouse, faded jeans that look great on her long legs and her hair pulled up with a head band. I see my boxes on the love seat, again one labelled 'Tools' another 'Car stuff' and the last 'Guys hobbies', my face goes a bit white as I smirk and ask what's up? Helen sternly looks at me, "These boxes, labeled with your stuff you keep in storage, I opened them up and am shocked at what I found.

She then reaches in a second box, pulls out a black satin maids dress and a pair of black suede spike heel shoes.

Next, she sixsy from the third box a styrofoam wig's head and a blonde with light auburn hi-lights medium length, wispy wig as dlut asks, "What is all this stuff? If so why do you have it? Xlut you cheating on me? Are you into some weird sex stuff with another woman, stuff like french maid or street corner slut? Helen growing concerned asks, "Well, No what? Are you fucking cheating on me, I want to bloody well know! I like to dress up in women's clothes from time to time. It's really quite harmless dear. Are you some faggot? Do you want too become a woman? I don't know I have always liked female clothes, shoes, lingerie, make up and hair. I just do it for a stress relief.

I hid it from you as I was scared as to how you would think or what you would say.

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