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The saxophonist shows his lighter side on "Califa," an attractively funky, yet deceptively simple head. By the date of the recording, Sctt group which he coins his "Red Quartet" had been together for nearly three-and-a-half years, and the coherence and instinctive interaction among the players are self-evident. From the instant people started publishing Web pages, they faced a problem unique to their new medium. The film is set to take its cues from Chris Van Allburg's original source novel, as opposed to directly rebooting the flick, which starred Robin Williams. So it was never a sure bet that the Web would evolve beyond its scholarly roots into something more personal — a sort of conversational water cooler and confessional.

As I write this at the end of that decade, the Web world is transfixed by a new generation of social-networking software.

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Something very terrible just happened at the World Trade Center. The only pipes big enough still to bring us the pictures and moving pictures of buildings collapsing. But would they? In perhaps the dtaing worst-timed deal in history, Time Warner had traded more than half its value for America Online at the very moment that the online stock balloon was pumped up with helium and about to pop. He has more than 3k followers on Twitter. Something strange and novel had landed on the doorstep: As the Web extended its reach first to offices and then to homes, across the United States and around the world, it became theoretically possible for millions of people to publish millions of thoughts for millions of other people to read.

Dating Scott rosenberg

How much of your life should you expose to the Web? I feel so much anger and helplessness. Solo Improvisations was issued in early

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