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Serial Fisters Tell Us How to Fist – and Why!

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Then, when the time's up, I go take a shower. Last Facesitting videos galore! Some will take it mid-arm, others take it all the way up to my elbow. And some people can only take it to the wrist. Pick someone who'll be patient and kind. The next subgenre that we want to bring up is BBW facesitting.

I love coke. Yeah, we have daily updates — be sure to bookmark this page to never miss something truly unmissable. Whichever you prefer, really. I am very bottom.

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This here is an XXX category filled to the brim with queening videos. I feel kind of sorry for them. You can put an arm in there just fine without harming other organs. I just remember looking at a Christmas tree while my ex-boyfriend fisted me, and then I fisted him. I think the craziest thing that ever happened to me was a guy asking if he could stick his phone inside my ass.

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